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bait-and-switch a sales tactic in which a seller attracts customers by advertising at a bargain price one item that is often out of stock, and then diverts their attention by encouraging them to buy another item at a higher price. [1/2 definitions]
barker1 a person who stands at the entrance to a carnival, show, or the like, loudly encouraging people to buy tickets to enter. [1/2 definitions]
B-girl a woman employed by a drinking establishment to act as a companion for male customers and entice them to buy expensive drinks.
bid to put out an offer to buy something at a certain price or to do a job for a certain price. [2/8 definitions]
black-market to buy or sell on the black market.
bonus an extra portion or item given free, usu. as an incentive to buy something. [1/3 definitions]
bought past tense and past participle of buy.
boycott to refuse to buy, use, attend, or deal with (a product, activity, business, or the like), usu. as a protest or means of persuasion. [1/2 definitions]
commission merchant one who is paid a commission to buy or sell goods for others.
consume to buy (goods or services). [1/6 definitions]
credit the right to buy at the present time and pay later, or one's reputation for paying one's debts. [1/12 definitions]
discount to buy or sell (commercial paper) at a reduction based on interest to be accumulated before maturity. [1/11 definitions]
estate agent (chiefly British) one whose job is to help clients buy, sell, lease, or manage real estate; real estate agent.
food stamp a U.S. Government coupon, issued to needy people free or at less than face value, that can be used to buy food.
hustle (informal) to induce (someone) by high-pressure methods to do or buy something. [1/10 definitions]
insure to buy or sell insurance policies. [1/6 definitions]
job to buy goods in large quantities and resell them to retail establishments. [2/10 definitions]
kitty2 money collected from various contributors for a specific purpose, as to buy presents or pay certain expenses. [1/3 definitions]
loss leader a popular commodity that a retail store sells at or below its wholesale cost in order to attract customers to buy other goods at regular prices.
market to buy in a market; shop. [1/6 definitions]
merchandise to deal in commercially; buy and sell. [1/3 definitions]