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charge account a business arrangement between a buyer and seller in which the seller allows the buyer to charge purchases to an account, for which he or she will be billed later.
earnest2 a partial payment from a buyer to confirm a purchase agreement. [1/2 definitions]
ex1 in commerce, at no cost to the buyer until removed from (a warehouse, ship, or the like). [1/2 definitions]
free on board delivered free of charge to a buyer on board a train or ship.
land contract a real estate contract in which the buyer agrees to make periodic payments to the seller, taking title only when the purchase price has been paid in full.
layaway plan a method of purchasing in which a buyer makes a down payment on an item but does not take possession of it until the entire price has been paid, usu. in subsequent regular installments.
monopsony the market condition that exists when there is only one buyer, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. duopsony, monopoly, oligopsony.)
over-the-counter of stocks, not listed on any stock exchange and traded directly between buyer and seller. [1/2 definitions]
road test a test made on the road under normal driving conditions to assess the quality of a vehicle's performance, undertaken esp. by a prospective buyer or by a mechanic servicing a vehicle in need of repair. [1/2 definitions]
surcharge to charge (a buyer) too much for something; overcharge. [1/4 definitions]
tax title a title acquired by the buyer of property that is sold because of nonpayment of taxes.
trade discount a discount on the price of an item offered by its manufacturer or wholesaler, either to a buyer in the same trade or to a retailer.
underbuy to buy something more cheaply than (another buyer). [1/3 definitions]
vendee in law, the person to whom something is sold; buyer.
warranty a document given to the buyer of an article in which the maker agrees, within a limited period of time, to repair or replace the article if it is defective. [1/3 definitions]
whore to engage in prostitution, as the seller or buyer of sexual acts. [1/4 definitions]