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homemade made by oneself; unprofessionally made. [1/2 definitions]
masochism a condition in which one derives sexual arousal or satisfaction from one's own pain, humiliation, or other suffering imposed by oneself or by others. [1/2 definitions]
self-appointed designated or named by oneself, usu. to a position of authority.
selfie a photograph of oneself, or of oneself with others, taken by oneself.
self-imposed forced on one by oneself; undertaken or endured voluntarily.
self-induced produced or brought on by oneself.
self-inflicted imposed or inflicted on one by oneself.
self-made produced or made by oneself; homemade. [1/2 definitions]
self-proclaimed so designated or characterized by oneself; self-styled.
self-styled so specified, named, or characterized by oneself, esp. without right or justification.
solitude the condition of living or being by oneself; isolation. [1/3 definitions]