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balance to calculate the difference between the credits and debits of (an account). [1/8 definitions]
cipher to solve (a problem) by using arithmetic; calculate. [1/7 definitions]
compound1 to calculate or pay (interest) on accrued interest as well as on principal. [1/12 definitions]
compute to calculate by mathematical operations. [2/5 definitions]
count1 to compute; calculate. [1/10 definitions]
differential in mathematics, a function that expresses the incremental increase of another function as a variable increases, and that can be used to calculate slopes, curves, accelerations, and the like. [1/8 definitions]
estimate to calculate the approximate amount, size, or value of. [1/6 definitions]
extract in mathematics, to calculate (the root of a number). [1/9 definitions]
figure to calculate numerically. [2/16 definitions]
Greenwich time the solar time that is determined at the prime meridian through Greenwich, England, and that is used to calculate and regulate time throughout most of the world; Greenwich mean time.
Jewish calendar a lunisolar calendar that is used by the Jews to calculate holidays, is reckoned from 3761 B.C., and has twelve months in most years and another month added about every three years.
market basket a selection of goods and services, esp. food, considered to represent a typical family's needs over a period of time, and used to calculate changes in the cost of living.
miscalculate to calculate or judge incorrectly.
miscount to count or calculate incorrectly. [1/2 definitions]
phonon a quantum of sound or vibrational energy that is used to calculate the thermal and vibrational properties of solids. (Cf. photon.)
recalculate to calculate again, esp. to check for errors.
reckon to determine by counting or estimating; make a judgment, as of length, time, or the like; calculate. [1/5 definitions]
ring up to record or calculate (the price of a sale) on a cash register.
triangulation a system used by navigators and surveyors to calculate the distance between two points, or the relative position of points on a plane, in which each known point is made the vertex of a triangle and each triangle is given a base line of known length. [1/2 definitions]
value to determine, estimate, or calculate the worth of; appraise; assess. [1/8 definitions]