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Achilles tendon the large tendon that connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel.
bleat the characteristic vocal sound of a goat, sheep, or calf. [1/4 definitions]
buskin a boot, open in front and at the toes, that is secured with laces and that reaches halfway up the calf.
calfskin the hide of a calf. [1/2 definitions]
calve to give birth to a calf. [2/4 definitions]
calves pl. of calf.
dogie in the western United States, a strayed or motherless calf.
fatling a young domestic animal such as a calf or lamb, fattened for slaughter.
golden calf according to the Old Testament, a gold statue of a calf that the Israelites worshiped while Moses was on Mount Sinai. [1/2 definitions]
haggis a Scottish dish made of sheep or calf organs that are minced, mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasonings, and boiled in the animal's stomach.
heifer a cow less than three years old, esp. one that has not had a calf.
maverick an unbranded or motherless calf or colt. [1/2 definitions]
pedal pushers calf-length pants worn by women or girls.
rennet the lining of the fourth stomach of a calf or of the stomach of certain other young ruminating animals, or a substance from such a stomach. [1/2 definitions]
veal the flesh of a calf, used as meat. [2 definitions]
vealer a calf, esp. one raised to produce veal.
Wellington boot a waterproof rubber boot, usu. extending to the calf. [1/2 definitions]