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alpenhorn a very long curved wooden horn, used by herdsmen in the Alps to call cattle.
asterism in printing, three asterisks arranged in a triangle, used to call attention to a passage of text. [1/2 definitions]
beckon to call one toward. [1/3 definitions]
bobwhite a small brown and white quail of North America, so named for its call.
buzz (informal) a call on the telephone. [2/9 definitions]
callable combined form of call.
catbird a dark gray North American songbird having one call that sounds like the mewing of a cat.
chat any of a variety of thrushes having a chattering call. [1/5 definitions]
claim to require or call for. [1/8 definitions]
clarion clear and sharp or shrill, as a call. [2/3 definitions]
cluck to call to or express by clucking. [1/4 definitions]
collect to call for or obtain payment. [1/8 definitions]
conjure to call forth or appeal to (a spirit or devil). [2/4 definitions]
coo to make the sound of, or a sound like, the low murmuring call of a dove or pigeon. [2/4 definitions]
crow2 to make the harsh call of a rooster. [2/4 definitions]
cry to make a sound or call characteristic of an animal. [2/11 definitions]
cuckoo any of several slender grayish to brownish birds of Europe and America, some of which have a distinctive two-note call. [2/5 definitions]
do-si-do the call for this movement. [1/4 definitions]
dub1 to name or call. [1/2 definitions]
elicit to call forth; evoke. [1/2 definitions]
encore once more; again (as a call by an audience for a continuation of a performance). [1/3 definitions]