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blackball a negative vote, esp. against a candidate for admission to a social organization. [1/3 definitions]
dark horse a political candidate who may be or is nominated unexpectedly. [1/2 definitions]
dark-horse of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a contestant or candidate that might win unexpectedly.
dissertation a formal and usu. lengthy exposition in speech or writing, esp. a detailed report of research by a candidate for a doctoral degree.
electioneer to campaign on behalf of a political candidate, party, or issue.
electoral vote the tally of the votes cast by the electors of the electoral college in a U.S. presidential election. In most states, the winner of the popular vote receives one hundred percent of that state's electoral vote; therefore, the percentage of the total electoral vote cast for each candidate may not reflect the percentage of the popular vote cast for each candidate. [1/2 definitions]
esquire in medieval times, a knight-candidate serving as a knight's attendant; squire. [1/4 definitions]
front-runner one who leads in a competition, such as a runner in a footrace or a candidate for political office.
general election a final election on the national, state, or local level to select one candidate from among those previously nominated in a primary election, at a party convention, or by some other procedure. [1/2 definitions]
groundswell a spontaneous wave of popular opinion or support, as for a political candidate. [1/2 definitions]
hustings (used with a sing. or pl. verb) any place, or the places, where a political candidate goes to campaign for office.
kingmaker a person who is powerful enough to select, or influence the selection of, a political candidate or ruler.
landslide a victory by a wide margin, esp. of a candidate or a party in an election contest. [1/2 definitions]
nominate to propose (a person) as a candidate for election or appointment. [1/2 definitions]
nominative nominated or appointed, as a candidate or official. [1/4 definitions]
OCS1 abbreviation of "Officer Candidate School."
platform a publicly declared set of goals and principles, esp. those of a political party or candidate; program. [1/6 definitions]
propose to present as a candidate for an office, or for membership; nominate. [1/4 definitions]
prospect a possible client, customer, or candidate. [1/5 definitions]
running mate a candidate for a political office that is closely associated with a more important office. [1/2 definitions]
short-list to place (a candidate) on a short-list. [1/2 definitions]