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canoe to ride in or paddle a canoe. [2/3 definitions]
canoeable combined form of canoe.
carry the land between two bodies of water that necessitates carrying a boat or canoe. [1/16 definitions]
dugout a boat, esp. a canoe, made from a hollowed-out tree trunk. [1/3 definitions]
mishoon in Wampanoag language and culture, a boat, esp. a canoe made by digging out a log.
paddle a wide-bladed oar with a long handle, used with both arms for moving a small boat, esp. a canoe, through the water. [3/8 definitions]
piragua a canoe made of a hollowed-out tree trunk; dugout. [1/2 definitions]
pirogue a dugout canoe or other dugout boat.
proa a swift, canoe-shaped Malay sailboat with one triangular sail and one outrigger.
sponson a structure projecting from the side of a ship or boat, esp. a gun platform, or an air chamber on the gunwale of a canoe that prevents capsizing. [1/2 definitions]
thwart a crosswise brace, as in a canoe. [1/5 definitions]
umiak a large open Eskimo boat made of a wooden frame covered with animal hides, and paddled like a canoe.