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awning a protective structure, often made of canvas, erected over a door or window.
bonnet a strip of canvas used to supplement the area of a sail. [1/6 definitions]
breeches buoy a nautical rescue device consisting of a canvas sling with leg holes that is suspended from a life preserver, used to transfer the rescued person up a rope to a ship.
camp chair a lightweight folding chair, usu. made of canvas, plastic webbing, or the like.
covered wagon a large wagon with a high arched canvas cover, used by American pioneers.
drawing board a large, smooth, rectangular board on which paper or canvas is mounted before being drawn upon.
drogue an anchor, esp. a canvas sack used for slowing a boat and keeping her prow into the wind. [1/2 definitions]
duck3 a very strong fabric made of cotton or linen and resembling canvas. [1/2 definitions]
duffel bag a large cylindrical canvas bag used to carry clothing and personal items.
easel a free-standing frame for holding an artist's canvas, blackboard, or the like.
espadrille a sandal with a canvas upper and a sole of rubber or twisted fiber.
gym shoe a rubber-soled canvas shoe intended to be worn for indoor sports; sneaker.
hammock a hanging, swingable lounge or bed made of canvas or other strong fabric or netting and slung between two trees or other supports.
impasto the thick application of paint on canvas, as in certain painting techniques, or the paint so applied.
knapsack a carrying bag worn on the back and made of leather, canvas, nylon, or the like.
legging (often pl.) a covering of canvas, leather, or the like for the lower leg or sometimes the whole leg.
linoleum a durable floor covering made by pressing linseed oil, powdered cork, and rosin onto a canvas or burlap backing.
mailbag a large, usu. canvas, bag or sack used to transport large quantities of mail. [1/2 definitions]
musette bag a small leather or canvas bag for toilet articles, carried by a shoulder strap.
needlepoint decorative embroidery on canvas, usu. of evenly spaced stitches of wool yarn. [1/2 definitions]
packsack a sack or bag of canvas or leather that can be carried by straps over the shoulders.