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capriccioso in a free, lively, whimsical, or capricious manner (used as a musical direction).
fickle quickly changing without reason or warning, esp. in affection or allegiance; variable or capricious.
humor a capricious whim or fancy. [1/5 definitions]
indulge to allow (oneself or another) to have what is desired even if the desire is capricious, unhealthy, or excessive. [1/3 definitions]
moonish not steady or reliable; capricious; fickle.
wayward swayed by whim; unpredictable; capricious. [1/3 definitions]
whim a sudden odd or capricious desire, impulse, notion, or change of mind; whimsy; caprice.
whimsical given to acting upon one's whims or fancies; capricious. [1/3 definitions]
whimsy an odd, fanciful, or capricious notion, or such notions collectively. [1/2 definitions]