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airiness the quality or condition of being confidently carefree or light. [1/2 definitions]
blithe carefree and gay in manner or disposition. [1/2 definitions]
breezy lighthearted or carefree, sometimes carelessly or inappropriately so. [1/2 definitions]
caper1 a playful, carefree escapade. [1/4 definitions]
cavalier carefree and offhand; nonchalant. [1/4 definitions]
debonair having or marked by a charming and carefree but polite manner; suave.
freewheeling (informal) free of restraint or obligation; independent, carefree, or irresponsible. [1/2 definitions]
halcyon happy and carefree. [1/4 definitions]
happy-go-lucky trusting one's well-being or success to luck; carefree.
insouciant having no cares or anxieties; light-hearted; carefree.
lark2 a gay, carefree adventure or amusement. [1/4 definitions]
lighthearted cheerful or gay; carefree.
rollick to act or move in a carefree or gay manner; romp and frolic.
romp to move or play in a carefree and lively or boisterous manner. [1/4 definitions]
sans souci without worry (French); carefree.
skylark to play or move about in a carefree, idle, or happy manner; frolic. [1/2 definitions]
sporty carefree in attitude or manner. [1/3 definitions]
vagabond leading a carefree or idle life. [1/6 definitions]
while to cause (time) to pass in a carefree and relaxing manner (usu. fol. by "away"). [1/6 definitions]