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burin a pointed tool with a round handle, used for engraving metal or carving stone.
cameo a method of carving a gemstone so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another. [1/3 definitions]
carving the act or product of carving in wood, stone, or the like.
diptych a painting or carving consisting of two panels that are hinged together. [1/2 definitions]
fiddlehead a decorative carving above the bow of a ship, shaped like that at the end of a violin neck. [1/2 definitions]
horsehead fiddle a Mongolian stringed instrument played with a bow, having a box-shaped body and a neck ending in a carving of a horse.
intaglio a design that is carved into the surface of a hard substance, such as stone, or the process of carving such a design. [2/3 definitions]
ivory an article such as a carving that is made of this or a similar substance. [1/7 definitions]
jack-o'-lantern a traditional Halloween lamp made from a pumpkin by removing the pulp, carving a face through the shell, and placing a candle in the bottom.
petroglyph a drawing or carving on rock, esp. from prehistoric times.
scarab a small carving made to look like such a beetle, and used in ancient Egypt as a charm. [1/2 definitions]
sculpt to make (a sculpture), as by carving, chiseling, or molding. [1/2 definitions]
sculpture the art or craft of producing three-dimensional artistic images, as by carving, chiseling, or molding. [2/7 definitions]
woodcarving the art or process of carving objects by hand out of wood. [1/2 definitions]