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block the casing in which a pulley is set. [1/19 definitions]
boxing1 an enclosure or casing resembling a box. [1/3 definitions]
case2 the frame around a door or window; casing. [1/5 definitions]
housing a case or casing that covers or protects. [1/4 definitions]
hull2 any similar casing, as on a missile or spacecraft. [1/2 definitions]
involucre a usu. membranous casing or covering. [1/2 definitions]
kishke beef casing stuffed with meal, fat, onion, seasonings, and the like, then steamed and roasted; stuffed derma.
sagger a protective casing of fire clay that surrounds and protects delicate ceramics in the kiln. [2/3 definitions]
sausage a meat preparation made by filling an animal intestine or similar casing with a seasoned mixture of minced beef, pork, or the like.
shell an outer casing of a nut or other fruit. [1/12 definitions]
skinless having no skin or casing.
tick3 the cloth casing for a mattress or pillow.
water jacket a casing containing water, used for cooling, esp. an internal-combustion engine.
won ton a Chinese dish consisting of a casing or skin of noodle dough that is filled with minced meat, seafood, or vegetables and boiled, to be served as a dumpling in soup, or deep-fried and served as a side dish. [1/2 definitions]