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belay in nautical terminology, to stop or cease (usu. used as an imperative). [1/6 definitions]
close to cease operation; become unavailable for business. [1/23 definitions]
discontinue to come to an end; to cease. [1/5 definitions]
dissociate to cease association; separate. [1/5 definitions]
end to reach a finish or conclusion; cease; stop. [1/18 definitions]
fast2 to cease to eat food. [2/4 definitions]
hush to become quiet; cease all noise. [1/6 definitions]
lay off to cease employing (someone).
leave off to cease; stop. [1/2 definitions]
let down to cease or slow activity. [1/3 definitions]
let up to cease or diminish.
pass to cease to live; die. [1/30 definitions]
retire to cease work or active life. [2/7 definitions]
settle1 to cease motion. [1/12 definitions]
stanch1 of a liquid, esp. blood, to cease to flow. [1/3 definitions]
stop to cease from; desist. [3/18 definitions]
suspend to cease activity for a period of time. [1/7 definitions]
wrap (informal) a now completed project, or the point at which a project is deemed complete and work on it can cease. [1/10 definitions]