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cortical of, relating to, or involving the cerebral cortex.
decerebrate of or pertaining to one suffering loss of cerebral functions, as through severing of the spinal cord. [1/3 definitions]
limbic system a set of brain structures, located at the border (or limbus) separating the cerebral hemisphere from the brain stem, that support emotional responses, behavior, memory formation, and olfaction.
pallium the cerebral cortex. [1/3 definitions]
stroke a cerebral aneurysm, often causing paralysis and sometimes death. [1/13 definitions]
telencephalon the anterior part of the forebrain, including the cerebral hemispheres and cortex, and the olfactory lobes.
thalamus the part of the forebrain through which sensory impulses are sent to the cerebral cortex. [1/2 definitions]