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Alice Marble U.S. tennis player who won the U.S. tennis championship singles titles four times (1936, 1938-40) prior to working as a spy for U.S. intelligence (b.1913--d.1990).
Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. birth name of Muhammad Ali, U.S. boxer and international political activist who won the world heavyweight championship three times.
George Foreman U.S. heavyweight boxer who twice won the World Heavyweight Championship (b. 1949).
Mia Hamm U.S. professional soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, who at the age of 19 became the youngest woman to win a World Cup championship; born Mariel Margaret Hamm (b.1972).
Muhammad Ali U.S. boxer and international political activist who won the world heavyweight championship three times; born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (b.1942--2016).
pennant the annual championship, or the flag symbolizing it, in a professional baseball league. [1/3 definitions]
playoff in sports, final or extra games or rounds to settle a tie or decide a championship.
semifinal one of two next-to-last games or matches in a sports tournament, the winners of which will play for the championship. [1/2 definitions]
Super Bowl in the U.S., an annual football game held in late January or early February in which the winning teams of the American and National Conferences play for the National Football League championship. The Super Bowl attracts vast television audiences.
ticker-tape parade a parade in which a championship sports team, war hero, or dignitary is showered with ticker tape, confetti, and the like from buildings along the parade route.
title in sports, a championship. [1/6 definitions]
wild card any sports team, other than first and second place teams, that qualifies for a championship playoff. [1/3 definitions]
Wimbledon a grand slam tournament in professional tennis, also known as the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. [1/2 definitions]
World Cup the Football World Cup, an international soccer tournament held every four years in which national teams compete for the world championship, represented by a large trophy cup. [1/2 definitions]
World Series the annual championship playoff between the winning teams of the two major U.S. baseball leagues.