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Beat Generation (sometimes l.c.) used to characterize some members of the generation that reached maturity in the late 1950s, esp. in the United States, who were alienated from conventional society and who promoted experimentation in artistic and literary forms.
biology the life processes that characterize a living thing or group of living things. [1/3 definitions]
BMOC abbreviation of "big man on campus" (used to characterize a popular or admired male student, or sometimes one who aggressively promotes his own advancement).
designate to place in a particular category; characterize. [1/5 definitions]
dominate to pervade; characterize. [1/5 definitions]
epithet a word or phrase used to characterize someone or something contemptuously. [1/2 definitions]
motif a distinct formal unit such as a design, theme, or musical phrase that may repeat in, dominate, characterize, or be a prominent feature of an aesthetic or decorative work. [1/2 definitions]
stamp characterize or reveal (someone) as being a particular type of thing. [1/15 definitions]
tag1 a phrase, nickname, or the like that serves to characterize someone or something. [2/9 definitions]
type to classify, characterize, or group. [1/8 definitions]