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babble to speak without thought or direction; chatter. [2/8 definitions]
blab to chatter thoughtlessly. [2/4 definitions]
blather meaningless or foolish chatter. [2 definitions]
blatherskite one who is given to meaningless or foolish chatter. [1/2 definitions]
chaffer to toss words about; chatter. [1/4 definitions]
chipper2 to babble; chatter. [1/2 definitions]
clack to speak rapidly or incessantly, esp. of unimportant matters; chatter. [2/8 definitions]
cross talk informal conversation or chatter. [1/2 definitions]
gab (informal) idle conversation; chatter. [1/2 definitions]
gibber to talk incoherently or foolishly; chatter. [1/2 definitions]
gossip any kind of light, frivolous talk; chatter. [1/4 definitions]
kibitz (informal) to chatter or offer unwanted advice, esp. during a card game.
kibitzer one who engages in idle or distracting chatter, esp. while others are trying to concentrate or discuss serious topics. [1/2 definitions]
patter2 rapid, often meaningless chatter. [1/5 definitions]
prattle to talk in a foolish and childish way; chatter meaninglessly. [2/3 definitions]
rattle to speak rapidly without attention, focus, or intensity; chatter; prattle. [1/9 definitions]
talk to chatter idly or incessantly. [1/14 definitions]
tittle-tattle gossip or idle chatter. [1/2 definitions]
twitter light speech or laughter; chatter. [1/8 definitions]
wag to use (one's tongue), esp. in chatter or gossip. [1/6 definitions]
wind1 idle chatter; empty words. [1/14 definitions]