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almond a tree of the rose family that is native to warm temperate regions, closely related to the cherry. [1/6 definitions]
Bing cherry a variety of sweet, dark red cherry.
cherry the edible fruit of the cherry tree, having a small, hard stone enclosed by yellow, red, or dark purple flesh. [2/5 definitions]
cherry tomato a red or yellow tomato about the size of a cherry, often used in salads.
Chinese lantern plant a perennial plant grown for its orange, lantern-shaped, inflated seed casings; winter ground cherry.
drupe any of numerous fleshy fruits, such as the apricot, cherry, peach, or almond, usu. having one hard stone.
fruitwood the wood of any of various fruit trees, such as cherry, used in making furniture, cabinets, and the like.
hardwood any of several types of tree, such as the oak, cherry, or mahogany, that have broad leaves, bear seeds enclosed in an ovary, and yield dense, compact wood. [1/2 definitions]
maraschino a very sweet liqueur or cordial distilled from the juice and crushed pits of a wild cherry.
maraschino cherry a cherry preserved in a sweet red syrup that is flavored with maraschino.
mazzard a wild sweet cherry, the seedlings of which are used as rootstock in the propagation of cultivated varieties.
oxheart a large, dark red, heart-shaped sweet cherry.
pit2 the hard seed at the center of an apricot, cherry, plum, or certain other fruits. [1/2 definitions]