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ambulatory in architecture, an aisle around the end of a church's choir section. [1/5 definitions]
cantor one who leads a church choir or congregation in singing. [1/2 definitions]
chancel the area near a church's altar where the clergy and choir are seated.
choirboy a boy who sings in a choir, esp. a church choir.
choral having to do with a chorus or choir. [2/3 definitions]
chorale a choir or chorus. [1/2 definitions]
precentor one who leads the music in a church, esp. the church choir.
rood screen an ornamental screen or partition, usu. surmounted by a crucifix, that separates the choir or chancel from the nave of a church.
stall1 a seat in a church, esp. a partially enclosed one for a clergy member or the choir. [1/13 definitions]