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arpeggio the playing of each note in a musical chord rapidly, one after the other rather than simultaneously. [2 definitions]
diminished of a musical interval or chord, lower by a semitone or half step.
double-stop the two tones produced by playing a double-stop, or their graphic representation; chord. [1/2 definitions]
fortissimo a musical note, chord, or passage to be played very loudly or forcefully. [1/3 definitions]
fundamental of a musical chord, having its lowest note as the basis or root. [1/4 definitions]
modulate to shift from one musical key to another, as through chord progressions. [1/6 definitions]
sforzando a sforzando note or chord. [1/2 definitions]
tenuto a tenuto note, chord, or rest. [1/2 definitions]
triad in music, a three-tone chord, usu. the first, third, and fifth notes in a scale. [1/2 definitions]