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anticigarette combined form of cigarette.
cellulose acetate a resin produced from cellulose, used to make products such as lacquers, photographic film, artificial silks, cigarette filters, and explosives.
cubeb a cigarette made from such berries. [1/2 definitions]
drag a puff of a cigarette, pipe, or the like. [1/13 definitions]
flint a piece of an alloy that sparks like flint, esp. as used in cigarette lighters. [1/3 definitions]
inhaler one who inhales, as while smoking a cigarette. [1/2 definitions]
joint (informal) a marijuana cigarette. [1/13 definitions]
puff to inhale smoke from (a cigarette or cigar); smoke. [2/16 definitions]
pull to inhale deeply, as through a pipe or cigarette (usu. fol. by "on"). [1/16 definitions]
reefer2 (slang) a marijuana cigarette.
smoke (informal) any tobacco product that can be smoked, such as a cigarette or cigar. [3/12 definitions]
stub a short remainder of a used article such as a cigarette or pencil. [2/6 definitions]
weed1 (informal) tobacco or a cigarette. [1/6 definitions]