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angelfish any of several types of related tropical fishes having bright colors, winglike fins, and short, circular bodies.
around so as to make a circular route or pattern outside of (something). [1/13 definitions]
banjo a musical instrument with a circular body covered with skin, a long fretted neck, and four or five strings that are plucked or strummed.
bullring the circular floor of this arena. [1/2 definitions]
buzz saw a power-operated circular saw.
carousel a rotating, circular conveyor, such as an airline baggage conveyor or a revolving household rack for spices. [1/2 definitions]
caterpillar (cap.) trademark for a machine propelled by wheels moving within circular tracks mounted on its sides, such as a tractor or tank. [1/2 definitions]
circuit a usu. circular line or route around an enclosed area. [2/8 definitions]
circularize to make circular or round. [1/3 definitions]
cirque a circular basin or hollow in an upper end of a mountain valley sometimes containing a pond.
coin a small, flat, and often circular piece of metal used as money. [1/5 definitions]
conic section in geometry, a curve, such as an ellipse, hyperbola, or parabola, created by the intersection of a plane and a right circular cone.
crater a bowl-shaped depression with a raised rim, such as the mouth of a volcano or geyser, or the circular depressions on the surface of the moon, usu. with a mountain at their center. [1/3 definitions]
crown glass an old form of circular window glass made by blowing a globe and whirling it into a flat disk. [1/2 definitions]
cupola a dome, esp. one that covers all of the underlying structure, as of a circular or hexagonal room. [1/2 definitions]
cycloid circular. [1/3 definitions]
cyclorama a large composite picture put on the wall of a circular room to appear in a natural perspective to a person in the center of the room. [1/2 definitions]
cylinder any object having the shape of a circular cylinder. [1/5 definitions]
cymbal a concave circular percussion instrument of brass or bronze, played either in pairs that are struck together or singly with drumsticks or brushes.
diameter the width of any approximately circular, spherical, or cylindrical object. [1/3 definitions]
disk any thin, flat, circular object, or one that appears flat and circular. [1/4 definitions]