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accidental a nonessential, unexpected, or supplementary factor, attribute, thing, or circumstance. [1/5 definitions]
adversity an adverse event or circumstance. [1/2 definitions]
antecedent an event, circumstance, or thing coming before another. [1/4 definitions]
but without the circumstance that. [1/6 definitions]
case1 a circumstance requiring investigation by authorities such as the police. [1/9 definitions]
concomitant a concomitant thing, event, or circumstance. [1/2 definitions]
condition a circumstance or provision upon which something else depends; prior restriction. [1/9 definitions]
contingent depending on some factor, circumstance, or event; conditional (often fol. by "on" or "upon"). [1/4 definitions]
cross an affliction or trying circumstance. [1/16 definitions]
disadvantage an unfavorable or inferior condition or circumstance. [2/3 definitions]
extract to derive (satisfaction, comfort, or the like), usu. from some event or circumstance. [1/9 definitions]
finite bound by or subject to constraints or limits, as of time, space, or circumstance. [1/3 definitions]
flexible adapting or adaptable to changing circumstance. [1/3 definitions]
hot seat (informal) a trying circumstance or situation that causes one extreme discomfort, embarrassment, criticism, or the like.
hot water (informal) a troublesome situation; dangerous circumstance; difficulty; predicament (usu. prec. by in, into or the like).
hunker (informal) to hide and wait until an unfavorable circumstance or situation is over (usu. fol. by "down"). [1/2 definitions]
into to the situation, circumstance, or action indicated. [1/8 definitions]
leverage the ability to be effective or exert influence, gained by having some advantageous circumstance. [1/5 definitions]
midst1 the middle of a circumstance. [1/4 definitions]
never-never land a place or circumstance that is imaginary or idealistic.
opportunity auspicious or favorable circumstance. [1/2 definitions]