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camp follower a civilian, esp. a prostitute, who follows an army from place to place in order to sell goods or services to the soldiers. [1/2 definitions]
CCC abbreviation of "Civilian Conservation Corps," the New Deal program in the U.S. (1933-42) that provided conservation work for the unemployed during the Great Depression, through activities such as constructing and maintaining buildings and trails for state and national parks.
civvies (informal) civilian clothing, as opposed to military uniform.
commandeer to force (a civilian) into, or seize (goods) for, the military. [1/2 definitions]
corpsman a member of a military medical unit or a civilian paramedical corps.
corpswoman a female member of a military medical unit or a civilian paramedical corps.
gunplay an exchange of gunfire, usu. in a civilian setting.
guns and butter a symbolic representation of government spending for military or civilian needs.
home front the civilian population or location during a time of war abroad conceived of an assisting force or as an additional theater of war in which the "combatants" do not actually fight but engage in activities that support those who do.
jeep a small motor vehicle usu. equipped with four-wheel drive and suited to use in rugged terrain, originally developed for military use and later adapted for civilian use. [1/2 definitions]
martial law a usu. temporary rule of law imposed over a civilian population by military authorities, esp. in a wartime combat zone or during the collapse of civil authority.
mufti civilian dress, esp. as worn by someone ordinarily in military uniform.
noncombatant during wartime, a civilian, esp. one in a battle area. [1/3 definitions]
plainclothesman a policeman, esp. a detective who wears civilian clothes while on duty.