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amplify to expand upon or clarify, as by adding details or illustrations. [1/4 definitions]
constructive serving to clarify or improve; helpful. [1/3 definitions]
elucidate to make clear; clarify or explain. [2 definitions]
explanatory serving to clarify or explain.
illuminate to make clear or understandable; clarify; explain. [1/5 definitions]
illustrate to explain or clarify by giving examples or presenting a graphic representation. [1/3 definitions]
paraphrase a restatement of a passage or text in somewhat different words so as to simplify, clarify, or amplify. [1/4 definitions]
pretrial proceedings held before a trial in order to clarify a point of fact or law. [1/2 definitions]
punctuation the process or an instance of adding certain marks, such as the question mark or comma, to groups of written words so as to indicate a pause, subordination, or quotation, or otherwise clarify meaning or inflection. [1/2 definitions]
show to clarify, as by example; explain. [1/16 definitions]
Socratic method a method, used by Socrates, of teaching, arguing, or discussing in which a series of questions and answers is used to test definitions, clarify concepts, elicit admissions, or the like.
unsnarl to clear of or free from snarls; untangle or clarify.
unthread to disentangle or clarify. [1/3 definitions]