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brilliance extreme clarity, sharpness, and quickness of mind. [1/2 definitions]
brilliant having a mind of extreme clarity, sharpness, and quickness. [2/5 definitions]
confusion a sense of imbalance, lack of clarity, or bewilderment. [1/4 definitions]
dimly to a limited degree of brightness or clarity.
distinct having sharpness and clarity, as lines in a drawing. [1/4 definitions]
disturbance a disruption of mental clarity and tranquillity. [1/5 definitions]
enunciate to state (an idea, belief, or the like) with clarity and exactness. [1/3 definitions]
expression the power of expressing with clarity and force, esp. in words. [1/5 definitions]
focus degree of clarity and precision, esp. in an image presented by an optical system such as a camera. [2/9 definitions]
obscurantism a deliberate lack of clarity or directness of expression, as in certain styles of art or literature. [1/2 definitions]
rationality the state of being rational; clarity of thinking. [1/3 definitions]