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Aspergillus a genus of fungus that is classified as a mold.
assorted placed according to some distinguishing characteristic; classified. [1/2 definitions]
classification an order or group in which something is classified. [1/4 definitions]
dinoflagellate any of an order of single-celled marine organisms, classified variously as algae and protozoa, that have two flagella, are usu. luminescent, and include forms responsible for red tide. [1/2 definitions]
nonclassified combined form of classified.
periodic table a table that illustrates the periodic system of the chemical elements, classified according to atomic number.
secret in the United States, classified by the government so as to restrict access. [2/8 definitions]
vegetable any living thing classified as a plant. [1/5 definitions]
want ad a classified advertisement.
yellow pages (often caps.) the classified section of a telephone directory, usu. printed on yellow paper, that lists the subscribers alphabetically according to the business, profession, or service they offer.