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benzine a colorless, liquid mixture of flammable hydrocarbons, used as a solvent in cleaning and dyeing and as a motor fuel.
bootblack one whose occupation is cleaning and polishing boots and shoes.
brush1 to use a brush on, esp. for grooming or cleaning. [1/8 definitions]
buff1 a stick or wheel covered with a soft cloth or piece of leather, used for cleaning or polishing. [1/8 definitions]
calcium phosphate any of a number of phosphates of calcium found in some rocks and in animal bones, used in baking powder and plant food, and in the manufacture of enamels, plastics, and cleaning agents.
carbon tetrachloride a colorless, nonflammable, vaporous, poisonous liquid used as a fire extinguisher, cleaning fluid, and solvent, and in making refrigerants.
careen to tilt (a ship) on its side for cleaning and repair of the hull. [1/5 definitions]
carwash a commercial establishment equipped to wash car exteriors and often to perform related services such as waxing and interior cleaning. [1/2 definitions]
charwoman a woman employed to perform general cleaning work, usu. in a large building.
clean to carry out or undergo a cleaning. [1/12 definitions]
cleaner (pl.) an establishment for dry-cleaning clothing. [1/2 definitions]
cleaning clothing or other articles taken to a dry-cleaning establishment.
cleanser a liquid or powdered substance used for cleaning, esp. pots, household appliances, and surfaces.
cotton a soft mass of cotton fibers used esp. for cleaning the skin. [1/6 definitions]
cotton wool (chiefly British) a mass of soft cotton fibers used esp. for cleaning the skin; cotton, cotton ball. [1/3 definitions]
dental hygiene the care and cleaning of teeth, esp. by professional dental hygienists. [1/2 definitions]
dental hygienist a licensed specialist in preventive dental care, whose practice includes cleaning and x-rays, and who often works in a dentist's office.
dry dock a basin-shaped dock that holds a ship and that can be drained or lifted to expose the ship's hull for cleaning or repairs.
face-lift any altering, cleaning, or similar restorative treatment to improve outer appearance, as of the exterior of a building. [1/2 definitions]
fix up to improve the appearance or condition of (a house or room) through repairs, cleaning, decoration, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
floss soft thread used for cleaning between the teeth; dental floss. [1/5 definitions]