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apex the climax or culmination, as of an endeavor or a reputation. [1/2 definitions]
catastrophe the aftermath of the climax in a drama, esp. classical Greek tragedy; denouement. [1/3 definitions]
climactic pertaining to, reaching, or being a climax.
climax to bring to or cause a climax. [2/5 definitions]
climaxless combined form of climax.
culminate to arrive at a climax or conclusion (usu. fol. by "in"). [2 definitions]
culmination the highest point; zenith; climax. [1/2 definitions]
flood tide a high point or climax. [1/3 definitions]
height the extreme limit; climax. [1/5 definitions]
high tide any point of culmination or climax. [1/2 definitions]
orgasm the climax and release of sexual excitement.
zenith the highest point; climax; peak. [1/2 definitions]