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arduous difficult to climb; steep. [1/3 definitions]
ascend to go upward; climb; rise. [2/5 definitions]
board to enter or climb into or on. [1/9 definitions]
breast to climb or surmount (a mountain or obstruction). [1/6 definitions]
clamber to climb awkwardly or with difficulty, using both hands and feet. [1/2 definitions]
climbable combined form of climb.
escalade to climb up and enter by ladder. [1/2 definitions]
herringbone to climb a slope with skis pointed outwards. [1/5 definitions]
monkey bars any of numerous arrangements of horizontal and vertical bars, used as playground equipment for children to climb on, swing from, and the like; jungle gym.
mount1 to climb. [1/10 definitions]
mountaineer to climb mountains as a sport. [1/3 definitions]
mudskipper any of various goby fishes of Asia and Polynesia that are able to move about on land and have a modified pectoral fin that enables them to climb mangrove roots.
outclimb combined form of climb.
remount to mount or climb again. [1/2 definitions]
saddle to climb onto a saddled animal; get into the saddle (often fol. by "up"). [1/9 definitions]
scale3 to climb up or on top of; ascend. [2/10 definitions]
scramble a rapid climb or progression over irregular ground, using or as if using both the hands and feet for balance or to pull oneself along. [1/10 definitions]
shin1 to climb (a rope, pole, tree, or the like) by clasping with the knees and the hands or arms and pulling oneself upward; shinny. [1/3 definitions]
shinny to climb (a rope, tree, or the like) by shinning.
soar to rise or climb quickly. [1/4 definitions]
surmount to climb to the top of. [1/2 definitions]