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clinical pertaining to a clinic. [1/3 definitions]
detox a clinic for detoxification of patients. [1/3 definitions]
dispensary a public or charitable institution that gives free or low-cost medical aid; clinic. [1/2 definitions]
dry out (informal) to eliminate alcohol or drugs from one's body, or to terminate the general use of alcohol or drugs, often with the help of a special clinic. [1/3 definitions]
infirmary a place for the care of the ill or injured, such as a hospital or clinic, or a space devoted to such care in an institutional residence such as a school or camp.
outpatient one who is being treated at a hospital or clinic but who is not kept there overnight.
policlinic a department of a hospital in which patients who are able to enter and leave the same day are treated; outpatient clinic.
polyclinic a clinic or hospital that treats every kind of disease or injury.