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clip1 the act of clipping, or a single such cut. [1/11 definitions]
clipper (often pl.) a tool for clipping. [1/3 definitions]
clipsheet a sheet of paper containing news articles, features, or releases, printed on one side for easy clipping and reprinting.
crop a clipping, as of an animal's ear. [2/12 definitions]
nip1 to cut off by clipping, pinching, or biting. [1/8 definitions]
nipper (usu. pl.) a tool or device for gripping, pinching, or clipping off. [1/2 definitions]
snip to remove by cutting or clipping in this way. [1/6 definitions]
trim to make neat, orderly, or manageable by cutting, clipping, or otherwise removing excess material. [1/13 definitions]