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approximate very close in accuracy; nearly exact or correct. [1/6 definitions]
bower1 to shelter or enclose in or as if in a bower. [1/2 definitions]
capsule to provide with or enclose in a capsule. [1/7 definitions]
capsulize to enclose in a capsule. [1/2 definitions]
case2 to place or enclose in a case; encase. [1/5 definitions]
casket to enclose in a casket. [1/3 definitions]
castle to enclose in, or as though in, a castle. [1/6 definitions]
embower to cover or enclose in, or as in, a bower.
encase to enclose in, or as though in, a case.
enclose to close in or shut in, as with walls or a container. [1/3 definitions]
encyst to enclose in, form, or become enclosed in a cyst.
Espionage Act a U.S. law passed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1917, shortly after the U.S. entered World War I. The Espionage Act made it a crime to convey information with the intent to interfere with the operation of the U.S. military or its recruitment of troops, to disclose information relating to national defense, or to promote the success of the country's enemies.
examination the act or result of close inspection or thorough evaluation. [1/3 definitions]
frequent happening often or at close intervals. [1/3 definitions]
hem1 to surround and close in (usu. fol. by "in," "around," or "about"). [1/3 definitions]
immediate close in space or time; near. [1/4 definitions]
intimacy the condition of being close in friendship or otherwise intimate. [1/3 definitions]
near close in time, state, or condition. [2/11 definitions]
nigh close in position, time, or relationship; near. [2/3 definitions]
pen2 to enclose in or as if in a pen. [1/3 definitions]
ring1 to enclose in a ring; encircle. [1/14 definitions]