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apostrophe1 this mark used to show possession, as in "Susan's clothes," "children's shoes," and "citizens' rights". [1/3 definitions]
apparel something that clothes or adorns. [1/4 definitions]
attire to dress, esp. in fancy or elegant clothes. [1/2 definitions]
black black clothes. [1/13 definitions]
bombazine a finely woven twill cloth of silk or rayon with wool, often dyed black for use as mourning clothes.
boutique a small shop, esp. one specializing in gifts or fashionable clothes and accessories.
buckram a stiff cotton fabric used esp. in the binding of books and in the lining of some clothes. [1/2 definitions]
bushel2 to repair or alter (clothes).
canonicals clothes prescribed by church law for clergy who are conducting services.
change to remove and replace the clothes or coverings of. [1/18 definitions]
clothesline a rope, cord, or wire on which clothes, blankets, curtains, and the like are hung to dry or air.
clothespin a clip or forked peg of wood or plastic, used to secure clothes on a line for drying.
clothing articles of dress collectively; clothes. [1/2 definitions]
clown a comic performer, as in a circus, who wears odd clothes and exaggerated makeup and entertains by jokes, tricks, juggling, and the like. [1/4 definitions]
cosplay the activity of wearing clothes, makeup, and accessories associated with a particular character in a movie, comic book, or the like. In addition, cosplay involves roleplay along with others who are engaging in cosplay. Cosplay developed in Japan and is practiced by fans of Japanese anime both in Japan and in other countries.
cost of living the average cost of food, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities for a household or a single person.
costume a set of clothes suited to a particular season, occasion, or activity. [1/4 definitions]
cutter someone or something that cuts, as in the making of clothes. [1/4 definitions]
decent (informal) having enough clothes on; dressed. [1/5 definitions]
disrobe to take the clothes off; undress.
do the ironing to press with a hot iron those clothes or other materials that are in need of pressing.