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coercive of or using coercion.
compulsion coercion or constraint; act of compelling. [1/3 definitions]
duress intimidation or coercion. [1/2 definitions]
enforce to collect or obtain (money or performance) by force or coercion. [1/3 definitions]
force to use strength or coercion in order to compel. [1/14 definitions]
heat (slang) coercion, or other sorts of pressure. [1/13 definitions]
pressure to compel (someone) into a course of action by forceful influence or coercion. [1/4 definitions]
strong-arm using or threatening to use physical force or coercion. [1/2 definitions]
suggestion in psychology, the process by which ideas or behavior are induced in a person without coercion or persuasion. [1/6 definitions]
twist someone's arm to use coercion or force to induce some action.