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acanthus in architecture, a decoration resembling acanthus leaves, esp. at the top of a Corinthian column. [1/2 definitions]
afferent bearing or leading toward a central organ or part, as nerves that conduct impulses to the spinal column or as veins that carry blood to the heart.
annulet an encircling molding, as around the shaft of a column where it joins the capital.
atlas an architectural column in the form of a man. [1/5 definitions]
backbone the series of bones that run along the center of the back; spinal column; vertebrae. [1/3 definitions]
capital2 in architecture, the uppermost part of a column or pillar.
caryatid a sculptured female figure, usu. in flowing Grecian robes, used as a supporting architectural column.
chiropractic a system of healing in which manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures is used to restore normal nerve function and thus good health.
coccyx the small triangular bone at the lower end of the spinal column, consisting of several fused vertebrae.
columnist a writer or editor of a regular column or feature in a newspaper or magazine.
dust devil a small whirlwind that raises a narrow column of dust, sand, and debris.
editor a person who writes editorials for a newspaper or magazine, or who supervises a particular department or column of a newspaper or magazine. [1/3 definitions]
foliate decorated with or composed of foils, as certain windows, or decorated with carved or molded foliage, as the head of a column; foliated. [1/9 definitions]
gnomon the column on a sundial that casts a shadow and thus indicates the time of day.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch a vast accummulation of debris made up primarily of tiny plastic particles floating in the upper column of water in the north central region of the Pacific Ocean.
invertebrate without a spinal column or backbone; not vertebrate. [1/3 definitions]
lancelet any of various slender fishlike marine organisms having a notochord instead of a true vertebral column.
member a part of a structure such as a supporting column. [1/3 definitions]
meniscus the upper surface of a column of motionless liquid, curved concavely or convexly because of surface tension. [1/3 definitions]
mercury temperature, as represented by the height of the mercury column in a thermometer. [1/5 definitions]
multicolumn combined form of column.