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card2 to clean or comb (fibers) with a card. [1/2 definitions]
cockscomb the comb of a rooster. [1/3 definitions]
comb any instrument resembling the hair comb, such as a machine for carding textile fibers. [3/9 definitions]
combings material that has been removed with a comb, such as hair or fibers.
crest a tuft or other projecting growth on an animal's head, such as the comb of a rooster, or anything resembling such a growth. [1/7 definitions]
curry2 to comb and groom (a horse) by using a currycomb. [1/2 definitions]
currycomb a metal comb used to groom horses. [1/2 definitions]
fine-tooth comb a comb with narrow teeth set close together.
mantilla a decorative, usu. lace scarf that is draped from a high comb fixed in the hair and that covers the head and shoulders, worn by women in Latin America and Spain. [1/2 definitions]
part the line across one's scalp made by dividing the hair with a comb. [2/18 definitions]
Rhode Island White any of an American breed of chicken with white feathers and a red comb.