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advised considered or conceived (usu. used in combination). [1/2 definitions]
aggregate a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements. [1/6 definitions]
amino of, relating to, or containing an amine or other chemical substance formed by anitrogen-hydrogen group in combination with nonacidic organic compounds.
ammonia the pungent gas formed from the chemical combination of nitrogen and hydrogen, used esp. in refrigeration and in making fertilizers. [1/2 definitions]
ammonium the ion resulting from the chemical combination of ammonia and a hydrogen ion.
backed having a back or support (often used in combination).
beater an implement used for beating (sometimes used in combination). [1/4 definitions]
bellied having a belly of a particular kind (used in combination).
blubber puffy or swollen; fat (often used in combination). [1/5 definitions]
board daily meals, esp. in combination with rented lodging. [1/9 definitions]
bodied having body or a specified kind of body (usu. used in combination).
botch a confused combination; jumble. [1/3 definitions]
burger a patty made of any food and served as a sandwich (used in combination). [1/2 definitions]
cacophony in literary or musical composition, a discordant or unharmonious combination of sounds used for special effect. [1/2 definitions]
CAT scan a cross-sectional image formed by a computerized combination of x-rays taken along a selected axis of the body, used as a diagnostic tool in medical treatment; computerized axial tomography scan.
chested having or designating a particular type of chest or thorax (usu. used in combination).
collocation a grouping of two or more words that are often found in combination with each other in speech or writing. [1/2 definitions]
combining form a word form that appears only in combination with other word parts, such as "biblio-".
combo (informal) a combination or mixture; a grouping thus formed. [1/2 definitions]
complement a heat-sensitive substance in normal blood serum and plasma that, in combination with antibodies, destroys antigens. [1/7 definitions]
complementary forming a whole or a perfected combination. [1/2 definitions]