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chorus girl a young woman who dances and sometimes sings in the chorus of a musical comedy, variety show, or the like.
comedy of manners a comedy that satirizes the customs and manners of fashionable society.
comic of, relating to, or characterized by comedy; comical or comedic. [3/6 definitions]
comical of or relating to comedy; comic. [1/2 definitions]
commedia dell'arte a type of Italian comedy developed in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries in which masked players depicted stereotyped characters in stock situations.
farce a comedy that depends for its humor on quick and surprising turns of events and on exaggerated characters and situations, or the type of humor characteristic of such a play. [1/2 definitions]
harlequin (often cap.) a clown in Italian popular comedy of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, traditionally masked and dressed in multicolored diamond-patterned tights. [1/3 definitions]
high comedy comedy involving the upper social classes, featuring an intricate plot, sophisticated characterization, and witty dialogue. (Cf. low comedy.)
irony the use of such contrast in drama, as between the actual situation and what the characters understand or say about it, to create suspense or comedy. [1/3 definitions]
lampoon an attack through ridicule, as in an essay, cartoon, or comedy; satire. [1/2 definitions]
low comedy comedy that is based on bawdy jokes, humorous situations, or physical action such as horseplay and slapstick; burlesque; farce.
minstrel an entertainer in a type of musical comedy show characterized by white performers with blackened faces. [1/3 definitions]
sitcom (informal) situation comedy.
situation comedy a comedy, esp. a television series, with a continuing cast of characters who appear in episodic plots; sitcom.
sketch a brief story or other composition performed as part of a series in a theatrical revue, comedy routine, or television program. [1/6 definitions]
slapstick visual comedy full of boisterous action, as in a film or stage revue. [1/2 definitions]
tragicomedy a stage play or other literary work that combines tragedy and comedy, or a real event or series of events of similar character.