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adjutant a military officer who assists a commanding officer in administrative affairs. [1/2 definitions]
adjutant general a staff officer who serves as chief administrative assistant to the commanding officer of an army corps or division. [1/3 definitions]
aide a military officer who serves as confidential assistant to a commanding officer such as a general. [1/2 definitions]
CO2 abbreviation of "commanding officer," a military officer in charge of a unit or installation.
command the act of commanding. [1/12 definitions]
commandant the commanding officer of a military post or of a military organization such as the U.S. Marine Corps.
demand the act of requesting or commanding forcefully; order. [1/9 definitions]
dominant highly visible or commanding. [1/4 definitions]
executive officer in the military, an officer who is assistant to the commanding officer of a unit, or who is second in command of a unit smaller than a division. [1/2 definitions]
flagship in a group of naval vessels, the ship in which the commanding officer is stationed, or the principal one of any group of ships. [1/2 definitions]
forbid to prevent (someone) from doing something by commanding against it. [1/4 definitions]
insistent emphatically demanding or commanding attention. [1/3 definitions]
outgeneral to outdo or excel in commanding, managing, or functioning as a leader.