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butcher someone who has committed many, or extremely vicious, murders. [1/6 definitions]
chaste not having committed fornication or adultery. [1/3 definitions]
communal taint in India, the perception of a person or political body being strongly tied to or influenced by a particular cultural or religious community and thus not committed to values of secularism and unity.
corpus delicti the material evidence showing that a crime has been committed. [1/2 definitions]
crime of passion a crime committed by a person in a condition of extreme anger, jealousy, or the like.
crime passionel (French) crime of passion; a crime committed in extreme passion, esp. sexual or romantic jealousy.
crime scene a location being investigated by police or other officials because a crime has been committed there and because such location may provide forensic evidence.
date rape the act of rape committed by a person who is on a date or in a date-like social situation with the victim.
engagé committed and involved, esp. in support of an aim or cause.
enlistment the time period for which a person is committed to serve in a military service. [1/2 definitions]
felon1 a person who has committed a serious crime, such as murder, rape, or burglary; one who has committed a felony.
floating not committed or permanently assigned; available as needed. [1/5 definitions]
fury (pl.; cap.) in Greek and Roman mythology, the three horrible female creatures that pursue to the grave those who have committed unpunished crimes. [1/4 definitions]
guilt the fact of having committed a crime, misdeed, or other offense. [1/2 definitions]
hard-core deeply committed or determined. [1/2 definitions]
innocence freedom from having committed a legally wrong act. [1/5 definitions]
insanity in law, a mental condition so disordered that the afflicted person is considered incompetent to engage in contracts or similar matters, or that he or she may be committed to an institution. [1/4 definitions]
inside job (informal) a crime committed by someone with intimate knowledge of, or association with, the victim or the victim's property or premises.
Jesus freak (offensive) a member of a young persons' fundamentalist group strongly committed to Jesus Christ and his teachings.
nightrider a member of a band of mounted, often masked men who committed acts of violence and intimidation, esp. in the southern United States after the Civil War.
noncommitted combined form of committed.