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bluster loud and aggressive behavior or commotion. [1/5 definitions]
brouhaha spirited noise, discussion, or confusion among many people; commotion; hubbub. [2 definitions]
crash1 to break up or be destroyed through impact and with a loud commotion; smash. [1/17 definitions]
disturbance a disruption of public order and tranquillity; commotion. [1/5 definitions]
dust commotion; uproar. [1/11 definitions]
flutter a state or the result of agitation or excitement; fluster or flurry; commotion. [1/9 definitions]
furor turmoil or commotion. [1/4 definitions]
hoopla (informal) noisy, excited activity or commotion. [1/2 definitions]
hurly-burly a loud, busy, confused commotion; uproar; tumult. [1/2 definitions]
kerfuffle (chiefly British; informal) a fuss, commotion, or agitated dispute.
noise a loud shouting or commotion. [1/6 definitions]
pother a commotion or fuss; disturbance. [1/4 definitions]
raise hob with to cause a commotion; disrupt; trouble.
raise the devil cause a loud commotion; protest loudly.
ruckus (informal) a noisy, often angry, disturbance; commotion or row.
squall1 a sudden, brief commotion or disruption. [1/3 definitions]
stir1 state of excitement; commotion. [1/10 definitions]
tempest a violent disturbance or commotion; uproar; tumult. [1/2 definitions]
tempest in a teapot a violent commotion, argument, or the like over a small matter.
tempestuous characterized by disturbance or commotion; stormy; turbulent. [1/2 definitions]
to-do (informal) a commotion or fuss; stir.