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allometry the growth rate of part of an organism in comparison with the growth rate of the entire organism or some other part of it. [1/2 definitions]
analogy the process by which linguistic forms change according to existing patterns, esp. by means of comparison. [1/5 definitions]
comparable able to be compared due to having a certain amount of commonality; deserving comparison. [1/2 definitions]
comparative of or involving comparison. [4/5 definitions]
compare comparison. [1/5 definitions]
compare apples to oranges to make a comparison between two things that make no sense to be compared because they are not alike all.
contrast to show a difference or differences on comparison. [1/7 definitions]
control to assure the validity of by providing a means of comparison, esp. in scientific research. [2/9 definitions]
cull to slaughter (an animal) because of weakness, disease, or inferiority in comparison with others of a group. [1/5 definitions]
dwarf to cause to appear small, by being huge in comparison. [1/7 definitions]
even to a greater degree (used as an intensive in a comparison). [1/17 definitions]
incommensurable lacking a common standard of measurement or comparison.
incommensurate lacking a common basis of comparison. [1/2 definitions]
incomparable not suitable for comparison; dissimilar. [1/2 definitions]
intercomparison combined form of comparison.
ipsative using a person's own assessment of his or her qualities, knowledge, or skills rather than using testing measures that allow comparison of an individual with others or with a set standard. (Cf. normative.)
juxtapose to bring together for the purpose of side-by-side comparison or contrast.
measure to ascertain the value, strength, or quality of by comparison with a standard. [1/14 definitions]
model a standard that is suitable for or worthy of imitation or comparison. [2/14 definitions]
overshadow to diminish in comparison. [1/2 definitions]
positive in grammar, denoting the form of adjectives and adverbs that shows no comparison. (Cf. comparative, superlative.) [1/13 definitions]