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ache to feel pity, compassion, or sadness. [1/4 definitions]
brittle having or showing little warmth or compassion; cold. [1/4 definitions]
compassionate filled with compassion; consoling; sympathetic.
compassionless combined form of compassion.
gracious having great compassion; merciful. [1/5 definitions]
heart sympathy, compassion, or love. [1/8 definitions]
heartless having or showing no pity or compassion; cruelly unfeeling.
humane showing compassion in treating one's fellow creatures; kind; merciful. [1/2 definitions]
humanity compassion, sympathy, or humane concern. [1/4 definitions]
inhumane lacking pity, compassion, or kindness; not humane.
insensate not having or showing compassion or other humane feelings. [1/3 definitions]
merciless showing no kindness or compassion; without mercy; cruel.
pathos a quality in life or art that evokes pity, sadness, or compassion. [1/2 definitions]
pity compassion, sympathy, or unhappiness caused by another's pain, bad luck, or suffering. [3/4 definitions]
quarter compassion or mercy, esp. that of a conqueror. [1/15 definitions]
relentless without mercy or compassion; unyielding or stern. [1/2 definitions]
remorseless having or showing no mercy, compassion or remorse; pitiless.
ruthless without mercy or compassion; pitiless or cruel.
sympathize to feel or express compassion or tenderness for another, esp. one suffering sorrow or difficulty; give condolences to (often fol. by "with"). [1/3 definitions]
sympathy expression of compassion, tenderness, or condolence, esp. for one in sorrow. [1/6 definitions]
warm-hearted having or showing sympathy, compassion, kindness, or generosity.