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cakewalk an amusement at a carnival or fair, wherein people march to music and compete for the prize of cake. [1/5 definitions]
competitive having a strong inclination to compete or to succeed in almost every situation. [1/3 definitions]
contest to compete or struggle for. [2/5 definitions]
enter to compete or participate in. [1/11 definitions]
flyweight a boxer who weighs 112 pounds or less and thus qualifies to compete in the lightest official weight class.
invitational allowing only invited contestants to compete. [1/2 definitions]
jostle to compete vigorously with. [2/7 definitions]
league1 a group of athletic teams that compete with one another. [1/4 definitions]
marketplace the social or intellectual arena in which ideas, works, or judgments are considered to compete for acceptance or approval. [1/3 definitions]
outcompete combined form of compete.
qualify in sports, to win a preliminary trial and thus be able to compete in the final competition. [1/8 definitions]
quiz program a radio or television program in which people compete for prizes by answering questions; quiz show.
race1 to run or compete against. [1/8 definitions]
rival to attempt to outdo; compete with or against. [1/5 definitions]
run to perform or compete in by running. [1/36 definitions]
train to prepare oneself to compete, usu. in an athletic contest. [1/12 definitions]
vie to compete with another for victory, superiority, or the like (usu. fol. by "for").
World Cup the Football World Cup, an international soccer tournament held every four years in which national teams compete for the world championship, represented by a large trophy cup. [2 definitions]