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accompaniment part of a musical composition that is intended to support more central parts. [1/2 definitions]
alkali a soluble salt found in some soil composition, making it unfit for agriculture. [1/2 definitions]
allomerism change in chemical composition without accompanying change in crystalline form.
assay to subject to chemical analysis to determine composition, quality, or potency, as with drugs or precious metals; make an assay of. [2/8 definitions]
assemblage the process or product of assembling unrelated objects or scraps into a single composition to form a work of art. [1/4 definitions]
ballade a romantic musical composition, often for the piano. [1/2 definitions]
cacophony in literary or musical composition, a discordant or unharmonious combination of sounds used for special effect. [1/2 definitions]
cadenza in music, an elaborate section near the end of a composition, usu. allowing a soloist to display virtuosity.
cantata a musical composition for chorus, soloists, and instruments, based on a sacred text, poem, or play, and similar to but shorter than an oratorio.
cantus firmus an established melody to which other elements are added in a polyphonic composition.
carillon a musical composition written or arranged for such an instrument. [1/2 definitions]
cast iron an alloy of iron, carbon, silicon, and other elements that ranges from hard and brittle to soft and strong depending on its composition.
chorus a musical composition meant to be sung by a large number of people. [1/6 definitions]
coda a passage that brings a musical composition to a conclusion. [1/2 definitions]
comp. abbreviation of "composition." [1/3 definitions]
concerto a musical composition for one or more solo instruments accompanied by an orchestra.
constitution the process or act of establishing, setting up, or constituting; composition. [1/6 definitions]
counterpoint music, or one melodic line of a composition, that uses counterpoint. [1/3 definitions]
cross-pollination the transfer of pollen, as by bees, from one flower to another of different genetic composition, resulting in the production of a hybrid; cross-fertilization.
crystallography the science of the formation, composition, and characteristics of crystals.
dispensatory a book that explains the composition and use of medicines; type of pharmacopoeia.