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all- comprehensive. [1/4 definitions]
comp2 (informal) a comprehensive examination, as at the end of an academic year, covering all work included in a course during that period of time.
comprehension the state or fact of being comprehensive; inclusion or inclusiveness. [1/3 definitions]
extend to make fuller or more comprehensive, as by developing or expanding. [1/8 definitions]
grand inclusive; comprehensive. [1/6 definitions]
grand tour any thorough or comprehensive study, survey, or journey. [1/2 definitions]
inclusive including everything, or a large amount; comprehensive. [1/3 definitions]
makeover a comprehensive change in the look or image of something. [1/2 definitions]
strategy comprehensive planning of large military, or military-like, movements and operations in conducting warfare or engaging in competition. [1/3 definitions]
subsume to classify, consider, or include (an idea, proposition, or the like) in a more comprehensive or general category or principle. [1/2 definitions]
summary a short and usu. comprehensive statement of what has been previously stated. [1/3 definitions]
survey a comprehensive overview or general look. [1/9 definitions]
sweeping having a wide or extended range; comprehensive. [1/5 definitions]
thesaurus any comprehensive reference work, esp. one devoted to the vocabulary and concepts particular to a specialized field. [1/2 definitions]
wall-to-wall (informal) involving or covering everything; comprehensive; all-encompassing. [1/4 definitions]