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care concentrated focus or attention. [1/11 definitions]
carnitine a compound, particularly concentrated in muscle, required for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria.
center of mass the point at which the mass of an object or system of objects can be considered to be concentrated.
concentrate something in concentrated form, such as juice or flavoring. [1/6 definitions]
concentration the act or process of concentrating, or the state of being concentrated. [1/5 definitions]
cordial a sweet, concentrated, often fruit-based drink, usually diluted with water before drinking. [1/4 definitions]
dilute to make (a solution) thinner or less concentrated by adding more solvent. [2/4 definitions]
fixate to become focused or concentrated. [1/5 definitions]
ganglion any concentrated mass of nerve cells outside the brain or spine, serving as the source of nerve impulses. [2 definitions]
intensive highly concentrated in a small space or interval of time. [1/5 definitions]
intent2 highly concentrated in attention; focused. [1/3 definitions]
jelly a food jelled by gelatin or pectin, esp. a sweet preparation of concentrated fruit juice that is usu. spread on bread. [1/4 definitions]
knuckle down to start working in a concentrated manner; apply oneself seriously.
laser a device that amplifies electrical impulses at mixed frequencies in or near the range of visible light by stimulating the atoms in a medium such as a gas or crystal, producing an intense, concentrated beam of light at one or more virtually distinct frequencies (acronym for "light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation").
mystic a person who believes in or practices the gaining of insight into mysteries by transcending ordinary human reality, esp. through revelation or processes of concentrated meditation. [1/5 definitions]
nucleus the central, essential, or highly concentrated part around which other parts are grouped. [1/4 definitions]
polarization the condition, fact, or process of being or becoming concentrated around opposite poles. [1/2 definitions]
polarize to become concentrated around opposite points. [1/3 definitions]
power play an offensive maneuver in team sports, in which force is concentrated on a small area. [1/3 definitions]
quintessence a concentrated and purified form of something. [1/3 definitions]
single concentrated or undivided. [1/12 definitions]