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Atticism (sometimes l.c.) an expression or turn of phrase that is strikingly concise and elegant. [1/2 definitions]
brief using the minimum number of words; terse or concise. [2/8 definitions]
compact1 concise. [1/9 definitions]
compendious briefly summarizing or abstracting all the essentials; concise but complete.
condense to make shorter or more concise; abridge. [1/5 definitions]
handbook a book or pamphlet that gives concise information or instruction on a specific subject; manual.
in sum in concise form or summary.
maxim a brief, concise statement of a general or basic truth or rule, esp. for proper conduct.
sententious rich in pointed, concise truths; pithy. [1/3 definitions]
succinct briefly but clearly stated; concise. [2 definitions]
summarize to restate in a concise form. [2 definitions]
summary brief; concise; condensed. [1/3 definitions]
telescope to make shorter and more concise. [2/7 definitions]
terse effectively brief and to the point; concise; pithy.
thumbnail brief and concise. [1/2 definitions]
tight concise or compact. [1/11 definitions]
well-turned of a phrase or remark, worded well; concise; pithy. [1/2 definitions]